About Baysport

Further Information about BAYSPORT

BAYSPORT INC is an incorporated society, registered with Charities NZ.

BAYSPORT aims to:

Establish, maintain and conduct a society of the provision and maintenance of grounds and buildings to be used for the purpose of sport, recreation and leisure time in the greater Bay of Islands area in New Zealand, including the development of a quality all-purpose sporting facility.

The ongoing management of that facility to provide fair and equitable use to sporting codes, giving maximum reasonable utilisation of that facility.

To enter into contracts or agreements for the use of equipment and occupation of the premises, and to hire staff for the management of the Society.

Management of the Society is by a volunteer committee of member group representatives.

Founded in 1999, as a result of extensive fundraising, and volunteer hours, successive BAYSPORT committees have cooperated, and completed the extension and renovation of the football pavilion and construction of the multisports stadium.

The tennis club established 10 astrograss courts and new clubhouse.


BAYSPORT is located on a FNDC owned recreation reserve, comprising approx. 6.5 ha.

Occupation of the Reserve is through a formal 33-year Lease from FNDC.

Further details on current and future use are available through the

WAIPAPA SPORTS GROUND Recreation Reserve management plan