Roller Derby

Peowhairangi Roller Derby League
Who are we? What do we stand for?

Peowhairangi Roller Derby League was established in 2014, and became an Incorporated Society in 2015.

Our vision, as a league, is to empower women in the Far North – and their families – to be strong, healthy and confident through our sport. We want to create memories and transform the lives of those who participate.

Our mission is to establish and sustain a committed, reputable and competitive roller derby league that conforms to the standards of the international Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). We want to be an active part of the growing New Zealand-wide network of roller derby leagues.

We are actively recruiting across the Far North, with the intention of creating a strong derby family built on shared values of whanaungatanga, unity, integrity, quality and manaakitanga. We welcome league members of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and ages. While our senior team is a women’s only team, we welcome men to participate. We are training out first two male referees. Our junior team will be making their debut this year.

We train twice a week, two hours each session. Wednesday evening is team training, while Sunday evenings are split into two: the first half is skills training for our beginners, the second half scrimmage for the team. Non team members are encouraged to stay, officiate, watch and learn.

Our strategic priorities have been shaped to support this steady growth and to lay the groundwork for the long-term health of the league:

  1. Be sustainable: to create and implement a sound fundraising strategy that includes day-to-day operations, the needs of the travel team and development objectives of the league.
  2. Develop and implement a strong coaching programme that reflects our commitment to our players and includes high-quality skills testing.
  3. Be accountable both individually and collectively for establishing and maintaining appropriate administrative processes and systems.
  4. Ensure that our internal communications is transparent and honest, and reflects our values at all times in order to build league relationships and team cohesiveness.
  5. Maintain a competitive league.

We have a strong governance committee that meets monthly. We also have vibrant social media community that is always lively with dialogue about how to improve our operations.